The Lifeline Program

Connecting Veterans with Opportunity & Lifesaving Resources

1.2 million veterans rely on the Lifeline program
12% of all Lifeline beneficiaries are veterans

The Reagan Administration created Lifeline to give low-income Americans access to affordable phone service. USAC data indicate that 12% of Lifeline subscribers are veterans, equating to roughly 1.2 million veterans who rely on the program.


Lifeline allows veterans to connect with current and future employers while they transition out of military careers. In addition to providing low-income veterans with essential voice services, Wi-Fi enabled Lifeline phones allow recipients to connect with employers in an increasingly digital world.


Healthcare & Emergency Services

Lifeline helps low-income veterans stay healthy, lowers healthcare costs, and improves outcomes by keeping veterans connected with healthcare professionals and 911 emergency services. This is most essential for senior and disabled veterans and those living in rural areas who may be unable to access healthcare otherwise.



The internet is essential to academic success. For veterans seeking degrees and those with school-age children, access to online educational resources is critical. Yet many low-income households still lack computers. Wi-Fi enabled Lifeline phones address this “digital divide” by providing access to essential online resources.


Suicide Prevention

Every day, 20 veterans commit suicide, 14 of which are not under VA care. Lifeline phones ensure that low-income veterans have the opportunity to stay connected with friends and family and the ability to call a suicide helpline, if needed.

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About the Lifeline Facts Campaign

The Lifeline Facts Campaign is a project of TracFone Wireless, Inc. that is dedicated to highlighting Lifeline’s value to America, promoting productive reforms to the program, preventing changes to the program that will reduce its effectiveness, and recruiting a community of Lifeline “team members” dedicated to ensuring the continued success of one of America’s most vital programs.